Keyword research and Online Buying Process for amazon affiliate site

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This is perhaps the most important part of the entire process of building amazon affiliate sites. If you master keyword research, you can make money in almost any niche for amazon affiliate site that has products being sold on amazon. But if your keyword research is not done the right way, you could have a real hard time building amazon affiliate site that generates money every month like clockwork – even if you get the rest of the process right. You might have the best site design, very well written content and appealing images, you could even be getting a good amount of traffic but if you are targeting the wrong keywords, your amazon affiliate site will not make money. That’s right even if an amazon affiliate site gets traffic, if the keyword research is wrong, all of the work done in creating the site would have been wasted.

On the other hand, your amazon affiliate site may not have the best design and the content mat be the best, but if you target the right kind of keywords, chances are your amazon affiliate site will make money every month. That’s not to say site design is not important or that you do not need to invest in high quality content – it’s essential that you have a well designed amazon affiliate site that has lots of high quality content. All this means is keyword research is very important. Keyword research can really make or break a site. Nothing else is more important than keyword research – not the niche you are targeting, not link building, not site design. It’s the keywords your amazon affiliate site targets that mostly decide whether you site will be profitable or not.

The Online Buying Process

Anyone buying just about anything online goes through a process. They go through a series of stages.


This is when they become aware of a need or a want. They realize their current reality does not fulfill some desire of theirs in some way. They decide to look for a solution to their problem.


The search for solution begins. The person starts doing research online, reading webpages, watching videos, they are trying to know what- either a product or a service can solve their problem.

Evaluation of alternatives

At this stage,  they are looking at several brands that offer services or products they are looking for. They more or less know what set of features they are looking for, and are trying to make the best buying decision by comparing all of the alternatives.


They buy the product or services.

Post purchase

Evaluation does not end with the purchase. The customer may still not be sure they have made the right decision. If for some reason they fell they made a mistake in buying the product, they can simply return it. Leading brands put in a lot of time and effort in trying to minimize return rates. This is the post purchase stage.

There’s yet another class of searchers who may have previously purchased a brand and are very happy with what they have. For some reason, they have loyalty towards that particular brand, and are not open to switching their loyalties. Well call them brand loyalists. The keywords used in each of the stages are very different and distinct from each other. The following tables illustrates the kind of keywords that can be used in each of the 5 stages for ‘flat screen TVs’.

StageKeyword Used
AwarenessTVs, flat screen TV, plasma TV, led tv, flat tv, flat screen, large flat screen tv
Research32 flat screen tv, 32 inch flat screen tv, 19 inch flat screen tv, 42 inch tv
Evaluation of alternativesBest flat screen tv, flat screen tv reviews, best flat screen tv brands
PurchaseBuy 32 inch led tv, buy 32 inch led tv
Post purchaseLed tv repair, plasma tv repair, tv repairman
Brand loyalistsPanasonic led tv 50 inch, Panasonic 3d led tv, apple yv box, buy apple tv, best Samsung tv to buy, buy Samsung led

These folks have made up their mind on the brand they want to buy. They might bought a product previously from the company that impressed them mightily. They now want to buy only that brand and no other. These people may even skip the other stages. If they want a tv, they buy their favourite brand. They do not research any other brands.

Why does this stuff matters?

Because the kind of keywords you target directly affects how much revenue you can generate from your amazon affiliate site. You want to be a conduit to amazon – get people who are ready to buy to vist your site, and send them to amazon. That’s the purpose of your amazon affiliate site. You do not want to target a keyword like ‘flat screen tv’ on your amazon affiliate site. People typing in such keywords are looking for informational content and are not ready to buy yet. If you target such keywords, you will need to create a monstrous amount of informational content. People visiting your amazon affiliate site will need all of the content and then leave your site to buy from someone else. And you will lose the commissions. If your amazon affiliate site is to make money, it should be designed to provide just the right amount of information that’s needed for folks to make an intelligent buying decision – and then click on your affiliate link, go to amazon and buy. You want to target searchers who are on stages 5 and 4. You do not ever want to target searchers who are in stage 1 and 2. Most of the pages on you amazon affiliate site should be focused on stage 3 and stage 4 keywords. You can have a few pages about stage 1 and stage 2 keywords on your amazon affiliate site as well, but those keywords and those pages are not meant to earn you money but only provide relevant information and make your amazon affiliate site more useful to your audience. You would want to note that almost all of the money your amazon affiliate site will make will come only form stage 3 and stage 4 keywords and from ‘brand loyalists’ – if you have pages targeting such keywords on your amazon affiliate site. You cannot expect to make money from stage 2 and stage 2 keywords.

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