Introduction – How to build amazon affiliate sites

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We’ll see exactly how to build amazon affiliate sites that will generate $100 or even $1000 in commissions every month. Amazon affiliate sites can rank in Google’s top 10 for 100s of phrases with minimal link building. These are 100% white hat sites – so they can survive Google update.

The process is really very simple, but mastering it takes time and effort to make sites that rank on the first page of Google and other search engines for scores or even 100s of phrases with minimal link building. You will need to actually build these sites before you may be able to master the process. Only by application will you be able to learn the process. Once you learn this, you’ll be able to apply this know how to build Clickbank, commission junction (CJ) and other affiliate sites as well.

Niche Selection

How to select a niche for amazon affiliate sites

While selecting a niche for amazon affiliate sites is important,  you should not spend too much time in selecting niche for amazon affiliates sites. Many people over-analyze and get stuck here. Don’t let analysis- paralysis keep you from getting this step completely quickly. You can make a steady income in just about any niche for amazon affiliate sites you choose asa long as it satisfies a few key roles of thumb.

Step 1

There should be scores of products being sold on

Product cost should be at least $50 and at least a handful of these should have more than fifty 4 and 5 star reviews.

  • Amazon pays a commission between 6% to 8% – or slightly more for each sale.
  • A $50 product will yield you a commission between $3 to $4.
  • To make $1000 a month from your amazon affiliate site, you need to sell ten $50 products a day or only five $100 products a day or one hundred $5 products a day.
  • Don’t build site exclusively selling $1000 products – sales volume most likely will be very, very low.

How many reviews do these products have?

  • The best sellers in the niche should have at least 50 to 100 or 4 and 5 star reviews.
  • This means people are buying these products, and they are happy with them.
  • Not everyone who buys a product leaves a review.
  • Only a tiny fraction of buyers actually take the time to write a review and people who have had a bad buying experience are far more likely to leave a negative review.
  • While most people who like the product never write a review.
  • So if a product has $50 or $100 or more very positive reviews, it would mean people are buying it.
  • If product has at least 100 reviews and most of them are 4 stars or 5 stars it certainly means it is selling well and people are very happy with it.

Step 2

You should be comfortable working in the niche for at least 3 to 4 months

  • You don’t have to be an expert.
  • You do not have to love the niche.
  • You can always research and learn about any niche you want.

Step 3

The niche should be big enough to support a 50 to 100 page amazon affiliate site

  • Bigger, authority sites with a lot of well written content are doing well in Google.
  • Niche should not be too small – like cheap golf balls under $10. But ‘golf balls’ would make a good initial choice.
  • You will be able to find lots of products to sell, and can easily build a 100+ page amazon affiliate site.

Many people over complicate this simple process and take days or even weeks to select a niche for amazon affiliate site. That kind of effort is not necessary. As an amazon affiliate, you will be building several websites in various niches. So it’s not like there are only a few good niches out there and you have to find the best of them. In truth, there are literally millions of niches you can build profitable amazon affiliate sites in. All you need to do is choose one and get going.

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