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How to make money with the Amazon affiliate program: step-by-step guide 2021

What is an Amazon affiliate program?

The Amazon affiliate program was launched by Amazon in 1996 as an affiliate marketing program in which when a blogger posts information about an Amazon product and shares their link, and a customer clicks on those links and buys something, the blogger gets a share.

If you want fast money and a stable platform, then working as an Amazon partner is just what you need.

Let’s find out how:

Amazon offers you to become an Amazon partner through an affiliate program.

This virtual platform will allow you to become an online marketer or affiliate marketer to earn extra money by promoting products available on Amazon.

Here's how it works:

No. 1. You send your client to Amazon through your affiliate link.

No. 2. The buyer makes the purchase.

Congratulations! You earn money. Simple, isn’t it?

Whenever your customer reaches Amazon through you, your affiliate link is displayed on the URL. You get a credit for every purchase they make.

The best part is that it doesn’t matter what the customer buys, you will still be paid for your efforts. They don’t even need to buy the product you recommended in the first place.

Let's sum it up with a simple statement: the potential to EARN money HERE is HUGE!

Also, let’s face it. Amazon knows the art of selling. Their online procedure is probably the best sales sequence when it comes to ecommerce websites. You may have also browsed Amazon before reading this article, because it’s so well-known. Meanwhile, whether you purchased an item or not, Amazon will send you attractive offers that match your interests via mail and voucher coupons.

It’s amazing that Amazon creates $35,000,000,000 every year and is growing!

When it comes to making money, Amazon is your best friend.


Going online and using all my Internet data was good fun and a completely unconstructive investment. At least, that’s how I felt.

I first learned about this program and decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, it worked and worked wonders. Many people used their Internet and made it their full-time job.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Choose the topic or niche of your message that interests you.
  • Start a blog and pull up your socks.
  • Sign up for the amazon associates program,
  • Make sales daily!


Making extra pennies with Amazon is very easy. You can start by posting affiliate links on social networks. While this is an option, I don’t consider it an ideal business model, given the criteria for borderline spam.

I offer my own blog, organic traffic, an audience of people interested in what you say and why you say it, and then intelligently convert that crowd.

Now the question is, what should I promote?

You can promote any product on Amazon. However, the ideal sale would be an item that matches the interest of your blog niche.

Let’s assume that your blog topic is sports events, then the ideal option for selling is sports equipment and coupons for membership in some sports clubs. Since your audience has subscribed to you because of the General interest between your content topic and their hobby, they are more likely to like the products you offer. This is effectively called a mass appeal.

Although there is nothing wrong with linking other products to your blog, since products from different categories can arouse the interests of different people.

Be sure to pay attention to the Density of your chosen product. You want to find out if the majority of your audience likes your product. You just want to check out products that are more popular and affordable. To find out if your niche is right for you, you can use Google Adwords to check CPC for keywords related to your niche. Visit Google AdWords, log in, and in the Tools and analysis section, select keyword Planner.

You should click “Search for new ad group ideas by keywords” and enter a few keywords related to your niche, for example, if your niche is cosmetics, then add “Foundation, makeup”, etc. Click “Get ideas”, then click “Keywords” and see the bid offered. The bid offered is the amount that an AdWords advertiser pays for a single click in AdWords to people who search for that particular keyword.

How do I attract traffic to your link?

Well, this is a really important question, and for this you should learn the art of SEO. To understand SEO, you need to understand what it does and how it is done?

Search engine optimization is the process of driving traffic to your blog content through tools such as meta tags and alternative tags, so that your website appears at the top of the list of results returned by the search engine.

You may be wondering how SEO can help you reach the right audience.

Well, the typical interested buyer can search for reviews before buying the product they are interested in, now that they search in the search engine for a review, there is a high probability that they can get to your page if you used SEO on your site. This way, it finds your affiliate link, and if they click on it, then even if they buy something else from Amazon, you will eventually make a profit. This is a win-win situation!

It’s even more likely that a customer will click on your link if they search for a specific product that you accidentally viewed. This way, they end up on your blog because you’ve reviewed the product they’re interested in, and they also learn about Amazon’s price offer.

And if the buyer is determined to buy more, Hooray, my friend, they’ll end up buying more, which means you’ll end up earning more. For each purchase that a person makes after clicking on your link within 24 hours, you will be credited.

The buyer can easily choose a phone case and tempered glass if they buy a new phone, the one you reviewed on their website. You may end up earning ten times your expectations.

Now do you see the potential of the Amazon Associate program?

If promoting your blog requires more than just SEO, you can do your best by choosing blogging as a full-time career and doing your best to promote reviews.

How do I promote my reviews?

Well, the first step is clear-social MEDIA MARKETING. This plays the most important role in promoting your blog. Every website that works needs a social media presence, and so do you.

While some companies are represented on all social media platforms, others are represented on only one platform. You need to determine your ideal target audience, which in this case is the buyer, and find out which social networks your target audience prefers.

Facebook, instagram, and Pinterest play a more important role here than Linked In or Twitter. Use Google Analytics to find out the bounce rates of your posts. You will be able to identify the best networks and the worst ones. But it’s important to be active on these social platforms before checking Analytics, so make sure you’re promoting your content well. Also, make sure that you link to your blog and not to an affiliate link, as most sites don’t allow this.

If you think that social networks are not your business, you should use the help of automation tools such as WordPress Sharing, Buffer,

Another way to promote your content is through email marketing. Keep your potential customers ‘ emails at the ready and send emails every time you review a product. This way, you won’t have to sit back and wait.

You can also choose webinars for joint ventures to increase sales in a short period of time.

Once you’ve tried all these marketing techniques and your business starts to gain momentum, you’ll be able to switch to paid advertising. Make sure you earn enough money to get it back!

All we need is conversions.

Paid advertising will help you:

  • Increase traffic to your blog
  • Getting a broader mailing list
  • More webinar traffic

For example, if you Google “learn AdWords”, you can see that Google Adwords themselves advertise this keyword by running Google Ads and promoting their content.

Best high-paying affiliate marketing programs / networks

So, Keywords that suggest learning about your product or service are also a good place to start.

You can also try targeting your competitors, for example, when you search on Dailymotion, you also get results for WordPress.

The next question that comes up is: should I post a good review or a bad one?

Well, to earn trust, it is important to give a true review, whether it is good or bad, but try to be as complex as possible so as not to seem rude. It’s always a good idea to choose the product you use and stick to it. This is because you can talk about the product in detail if you trust them and use it for yourself.

It’s interesting to see that there is a sense of honesty between you and the consumer when you post what you actually use. Pat Flynn rightly points out that engaging in affiliate marketing is by far the most lucrative, because you’re not doing it for a quick buck.

It is not forbidden to give a bad review, but since the product selection is your choice, I strongly recommend that you choose a product that you like, because the buyer will be much more interested in buying a good product than a bad one. one.

Check out some of the products I promote through Amazon on my blog.

The best way to decide on a product choice is to look at your daily routine and examine the products you use, then figure out how many of them are on Amazon, and after choosing 2 or 3, check how its keyword performs in Google keywords.

In 4 simple steps, I'll show you how to become an Amazon affiliate.

1. Launching a blog

To sign up for the Amazon affiliate program, you need to run a blog (free or paid). If you’re willing to pay, I highly recommend the GetAmasuite program, but if you’re more of a freelance writer, you can opt for a personal website.

To get your own free website, you can try NameCheap and use Siterubix as a tool. Make sure that your page has good speed and an interactive user interface. Pagespeed, user interface, and site design play a vital role in ranking your site at the top. Use Google Pagespeed Insight to find out the speed of your page and try to get a high ranking.

Also, if you are launching a new blog only for the purpose of an affiliate program, make sure that your domain name is associated with the niche you are choosing. If you can’t find the desired name, try other extensions such as .make sure that it is easy to enter and contains a broader keyword. For example, if your blog topic is about women’s shoes, let your domain name be Footreview or comfysole.

Also, if you want to know where to find a domain and web hosting service, go to sites like Bluehost that cost less and give you more. As for the blogging platform, I highly recommend hosting WordPress yourself with Bluehost, as I swear by Neil Patel’s rulebook.

Amazon is the best when it comes to sales


Amazon knows how to sell. Their sales funnel is probably the best in the online retail space, and they have a surprisingly HUGE catalog of things you can sell and promote.
I’m sure you’ve been on Amazon before, viewed some products, and then all of a sudden you were shown similar products on the Amazon homepage, and you even got emails regarding what you were viewing on Amazon.
This is their sales funnel in action, the same sales funnel that brings in $ 35,000,000,000 every year (and continues to grow).
And when it comes to making money as an Amazon affiliate, it will be your biggest ally, because this crazy funnel will work in your favor.

Thanks to Amazon’s good reputation and ability to increase sales, their affiliate program is an extremely attractive option for bloggers to earn money. Simply put, the more people who make a purchase after clicking on your affiliate link, the more Commission you will receive.

2. Sign up for an affiliate program

The next step – the most important one – is REGISTRATION! It is also the easiest way to do it. All you have to do is go to the Amazon website and scroll down to the bottom, when you reach the bottom edge, click “Become an affiliate”. Then you need to fill in the basic information, pass the verification, and voila!

3. Writing reviews

After signing up, just find the right product, maybe the straightener you use or the watch you swear by, and after choosing the product, let your emotions do their work. Write as much as you can about the product. The best part is that Amazon has so many products that it can account for 70% of your daily groceries. In accordance with Neil Patel, average number of words on pages that occupy Google page 1 for a given search query was something over 2000.

So, make sure you know enough about the product so that you can write non-repeating data of about 2,000 words with deep knowledge. The thing is, to cover all the sub-themes related to the product, in a broad sense.

4. Communication and marketing

The review is then supposed to be linked to your existing affiliate link, and the marketing process will follow. This can be social media marketing, email marketing, or maybe online forums. All you have to do is promote the product review and actively promote it. Go to webinars, Youtube videos and in any case attract traffic to your niche site.


Make money with the Amazon partner guide

If you’re a blogger and can write honest, detailed product reviews, this Amazon affiliate program can change your life. I won’t say it will be an overnight process, but your hard work will surely pay off if you choose the right blogging platform, use the right SEO techniques, and choose the right product.

Over time, you will realize how interesting this job is, and you will earn money while you sleep. Just follow the basic tips

  1. Know what niche you are going to consider and explore it.
  2. Use SEO and social media marketing techniques
  3. Write honest reviews

Follow this and be patient – Success will kiss your feet!

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