Free Online Databases to generate ideas for amazon affiliate sites

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We will see how to use free online databases to generate ideas for amazon affiliate sites. There are several online databases that are open to the public. You can mine these for niche ideas. You could say Google itself is an online database. So mining online databases for niche ideas certainly makes sense. This does require a bit of literal thinking, but this can be a lot of fun.

Let’s search for ‘list of online databases’ on Google. There are lot of results for this search. Let’s choose Wikipedia.

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The list here is sorted alphabetically. Let’s just scroll down the list and see what catches our eye.

‘Inorganic Crystal Structure Database’. There are lot of people who buy crystals online.

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So let’s do a search on amazon for ‘crystals’ and see what comes up.

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There are so many results for this search. You can easily build amazon affiliate site around crystals. Now, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ’crystals’? Wouldn’t you see the picture of crystal ball in your mind’s eye?  Let’s do a search for ‘crystal balls’.  You can possibly build an entire amazon affiliate site around crystal balls. There seem to be so many kinds of crystal balls. Go back to the Wikipedia list and says you really love comics. Check out a database about comics. There are few of databases on comics listed here. Check out ‘Grand Comics Database’.

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Search on Google. Grand comics database is a database of all printed comics throughout the world.

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There’s a lot of material in here. Let’s click the link – ‘Todays covers’. There are so many comic book covers listed here. You would want to note these techniques are brain starters. There are times when the brain seems to freeze and you simply can’t seem to think of anything. These techniques are for times like that. They will get your brain working again and you will have lots of good ideas to pursue.

Ideas for amazon affiliate sites from late night TV infomercials

If you are like most people, you most possibly find late night TV infomercials very annoying. Most people believe products sold on these ads are worthless. But if you are a niche marketer who is on the lookout for great niche ideas, you would want to think twice before dismissing them so hastily. You see, a lot of these products are developed and marketed by giant corporations that spend millions of dollars to study the market, find niches and develop products for those markets. So, a lot of very intelligent people have put in a lot of time and energy into those products that are hawked on late night TV. Maybe you can as well pick up an idea or two from their efforts. You do not have to buy any of those products or even believe in any of the outlandish claims. What we are interested in are niche ideas for amazon affiliate site. And you can get them from these ads. Now, let’s watch some of these infomercials.  Let’s do a search on YouTube for TV infomercials.

amazon affiliate marketing

Take a look at what these nice people are selling some kind of knives and forks. Could that possibly be a good idea for a niche? Let’s head over to amazon and do a search for kitchen knives.

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As you can see, there are lots of results. You can possibly build an entire amazon affiliate site just around kitchen knives. Or even about various kinds of knives – there are so many kinds of knives here. You could even do a site about forks. Fact is, a lot of these infomercials are based on very solid research. Like any other marketer, these guys had to pick a niche and then develop a product. And if they think a particular niche is so valuable that they developed a product and are now spending a lot of money marketing it, Chances are you can build an amazon affiliate site in the same niche as well.

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