Amazon Affiliate Marketing Overlook and Seasonality and Google Trends

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This is possibly the single biggest mistake beginners make while selecting a niche. They do not check how the demand for products in the niche varies over a year. You do not want to spend 3 or 4 months working on a amazon affiliate site that generate revenues for 2 months in a year. They can be very demoralizing. You want to create amazon affiliate sites that generate revenues all year round.

  • Demand for certain goods and services varies over a year depending on the search
  • Demand for many products varies from month to month. Demand peaks for a month or two and then goes flat.
  • You don’t want to invest several months into building a amazon affiliate site, only to find the products sell only during 2 to 3 months of the year.

For instance if you are selling show shovels, you know for certain that the demand is going to be at its maximum in the winter and falls to near zero over the summer months. Likewise swimwear, bathing suits and the like sell very well in the summer months, and demands falls steeply during the winter months. And Halloween costumes sell extremely well in September and most likely will have near zero demand in February and March.

It’s the same with several other niches as well. Demand exists only during certain months of the year and for the rest of the year the demand curve is flat. If you do not take time to analyze if such demand patterns exist in your niche then may be in for unpleasant surprise.

After building out the amazon affiliate site, you may discover you missed the peak buying season by a month. And you will have to wait for several months before demand picks up again.

Some Niches are not seasonal

Not every niche is seasonal:

  • Designer clothes
  • Computer peripherals
  • DVDs
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics

These niches sell all year round.

If you build amazon affiliate site in these niches, you can expect a steady stream of revenues every month, all year round.

Some Niches are seasonal

On the other hand:

  • Prom dresses
  • Swimwear
  • Halloween costumes
  • Scarves
  • Heavy Coats
  • Sweaters

These niches are seasonal. The demand peaks for maybe one or two months and afterward the demand curve is flat.

Which is why, you need to take the time to figure out if a certain niche you happen to choose seasonal or not.

Google Treads for Amazon Affiliate Site’s Niche

Now we will see how to use Google trends to see the demand patterns that exists for any niche. This is simply the best way to see how demand for products in a niche varies over the course a year.

Let us now see what kind of demand pattern you would expect to see if you were building a amazon affiliate site selling Golf balls. While looking up information on trends on any topics you would want to make sure you select United States. It’s the US market your affiliate sites will most likely be targeting.

While the graph does not tell you how many searches per month, it does show you the trends and demand seems to be going down with time. We will discuss why this may be so later. But right now, let’s look at what the demand. The number of searches per month is on y-axis it is the vertical and time is on the x-axis which is the horizontal. You would want to note that the number of searches per  month is not displayed here. You would need you use Google Adwords keyword planner to get to know that.

You can see the demand reaches its peak in the summer and then falls during the winter months, before peaking again in December and then falls steeply until the next summer. This is kind what you would expect.

Search: Callaway Golf Balls

amazon affiliate marketing

Now let’s try to see what the pattern is like for Callaway Golf Balls. It’s a very popular brand of golf balls. You can see the demand pattern is virtually identical to what we found for the niche golf balls.

If you want to build an amazon affiliate site about Golf Balls, you would expect to make the most sales during the summer months, around June and July. Then the sales would fall during the winter months. Sales would rise again during December. You could also be sure of one thing that your amazon affiliate site would be making sales all around the year. So, Golf Balls sell all round the year.  But the demand is more in the summer months and during December. So, sales will be maximum during these three or four months of the year, but you will have sales all year long.

Search: Raincoats

As you can see, demand exists throughout the year. But it peaks in the late September and early October and stay high for the rest.

Search Diamond Rings

For Diamond Rings, the demand hits a high in mid February, which is around Valentine’s Day. It increases again during late November and early December.

Search: Kitchen Faucets

The demand for kitchen faucets is more or less constant for the entire year. But in December, the demand shoots up.

Search: Bathing Suits

amazon affiliate marketing

The graph for bathing suits is just what you would expect. The demand is very low in spring. And it starts increasing in March. Then, it nosedives during April. The demand reaches its maximum in the summer months, and then fall steeply.

Search: Halloween Costumes

amazon affiliate marketing

The demand for Halloween costumes exists only during mid of October. If you have amazon affiliate site that sold only Halloween Costumes and nothing else, it would make money only during 11 weeks of the year. For the rest of the year, it would have near zero revenues. There are lots of people who build amazon affiliate sites that generate revenues only during a few weeks of the year.

If you are going into a niche like this and it is seasonal, you should do so while being fully aware that your amazon affiliate site will generate revenues only for a few weeks or months in a year. If you have taken the time to study  the demand patterns of the niche before you build amazon affiliate site you will know what the graph looks like and what you can expect.

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