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30 ideas on how to Grabbing the Attention of Your Customer to your store

For small businesses, an empty store means an empty Bank account. It is good when the store is located in a supermarket with high traffic. But what to do if there is not enough money to rent such a room yet? How can a small retail store attract more visitors? Here are 30 ideas that are worth a try.

  • make Sure that your store’s sign is in good condition

the lighting works, the words are clearly visible and easy to read from a distance. Also, make sure that it is immediately clear what your business is doing. If the sign doesn’t clearly identify that you sell children’s clothing or pet products, customers won’t bother stopping by to find out.


  • Take care of customer convenience. 

Customers should not be confused – the path to your store should be extremely simple. Install additional sign guides if necessary. Also consider where the customer can Park their car or bike. If Parking is not obvious, but, for example, is located behind the store, indicate this on the store’s door: “Free Parking in the backyard”. The same applies to customers who are cyclists: put up bike racks at your store.

  • Banner preferential purchases. 

Is your store currently undergoing a promotion, or is there a rare item available? Fine – let passersby know. Install a light block on the window or place a pillar near the door with your best offer. Passers-by, even if they are not your customers, will come to learn about the promotion. But don’t overdo it: clogged advertising Windows and doors will eventually push the attention of passers-by even from the sign with the store’s name. Such advertising noise reeks of desperation. Let there be only one preferential offer, but it is really interesting.


  • Make sure that employees look busy and friendly.

Employees who look bored, preoccupied with their phones, or ready to pounce on the first incoming customer scare people away.

  • Outdoor showcase. 

Creatively design your showcase every month, so that people will be interested in watching the changes all year round. This approach will attract more customers to the store. Don’t limit yourself to seasonal changes.


  • Create favorable shopping conditions for your customers.

Among other things, customers will choose the store where it is convenient for them to make a purchase. Stay one step ahead of your competitors: make free Wi-Fi in the store without registration, offer purchases on credit or installment payments, offer product samples, etc.

  • Keep the store clean and beautiful.

Do you want to sell more and even more expensive? Then let your store be clean, spacious, with good furniture, beautiful interior and sellers in stylish branded clothing. Such a store is pleasant to be in, and customers will definitely want to come back to you again. Imagine a tailoring Studio, even with a first-class master, but where it is impossible to turn around, poor lighting, remnants of fabric and thread lying on the floor, and a fitting room with a small mirror that is not even the size of the floor. Would you like to become their regular customer?


  • Entertain the kids.

Lure parents into your store and make them spend more time there while entertaining their children. Set up a small corner in the store with a play table, toys and books. Invite a co-worker to play with them. In the meantime, offer parents discounts and the opportunity to take a break from their kids while they shop.



  • Set up a place to relax

Let there be Ottomans or sofas in this corner, a table with catalogs, product samples, and a cooler with free hot and cold water next to it. If a client comes to you with a friend, then the second one will have something to do while your Manager helps with the selection of your client. Who knows, maybe that friend will quickly grow into your regular customer. Another advantage of such a lounge area is that in rainy or hot weather, your client will want to come to you once again to relax, and at the same time buy something.


  1. Hold events in the store

A tasting session, a meeting with an expert in your field, training on how to use your products, a master class on a craft related to your products, a fashion show or even an art exhibition-all this can attract more people.

  1. Arrange a contest

Promote it on all available platforms: in social networks, on your website, via email or sms. But its main condition is a visit to your store. Maybe the contestant needs to buy something for a certain amount, or maybe just take a photo in the background of your store. But you should understand that the more complex the conditions, the more valuable the prize should be.

  1. Attract customers from social networks to the store. Set up a “selfie wall” where customers can take photos against the background. You can also specify your store’s hashtag on it. The terms of the promotion are as follows: give customers discounts for posting on social networks and linking to your store.
  2. Cross-promotion with other companies

Place flyers or coupons in other companies, offering customers a discount in your store if they show a receipt from a partner company. Let your companions do the same.

  1. Arrange the distribution of flyers in a passageway

This can be a place near your store or near a shopping center. What suggestions can be placed on the leaflet:

* a solid discount, but when buying goods for a large amount;

  • free gift upon purchase.

It is worth noting that the offer on the leaflet should be really tempting, so that a potential customer, even if they are not a fan of your products, decides to look into the store.

  1. Social Media advertisement

Use advertising in Facebook and Instagram, to increase the number of visits to shops. You can create ads that aim to increase traffic to the store. It appears when customers are nearby and offers coupons for use in the store.

  1. Optimize your business for local search

Manage your cards of the company, especially Google that they were relevant and indicating hours of operation, phone number, links to your website, eye-catching photos of your store and the keywords that customers use when searching for your products.

  1. Sell gift cards.

Users will return to your store to cash out their card. And they will probably buy more than the cost of the card.


  1. Offer Purchase option

if you also sell online, offer a purchase option on the site with delivery to your store. Customers almost always browse the storefronts once in the store, and often end up buying more than they intended. To attract them to the store, offer a 5% or 10% discount for online purchases and pickup.

  1. Accept refunds for online purchases made in the store.

When customers come for a refund, always ask if they want to look around first: this way you can turn a refund into an exchange.

  1. Use digital marketing to attract customers to your store. Promote special offers or coupons that can only be used in the store.
  2. Hold a sale.

A limited-time surprise sale will attract new customers who may become fans of your store. Offer a two-for-one special offer or a 30% discount on everything in the store or anything else that makes sense for your business. Send emails and messages to your phone, and make targeted ads in social networks about your sale to increase the urgency.


  1. Create a loyalty program in the store.

Is it already there? Great! Let your customers know that you are offering double or triple bonus points today. The extra incentive will help them to walk out the door and get into your store.

As members accumulate loyalty points, send them emails to remind them that they have reached a certain level and encourage them to come to you.

Send targeted offers to loyalty program members who haven’t visited your store in a long time to get them back.

Reward the most active members of the loyalty program with a VIP experience. For example, offer a preview of your newest products, free makeup, an after-hours sale just for them, or other special service to make them feel special.

  1. Lead Generation

Collect your customers ‘ email addresses, residential addresses, and phone numbers, and convince them to accept offers from your store. Don’t lose sight of direct mail. When there is so much email in your customers ‘ mailboxes, physical mail can really stand out – just use it sparingly. A postcard several times a year with a special offer will attract attention.

  1. Review Business Strategy

Review your business promotion strategy in search engines to make sure that customers can find information about you. You may need to update your keywords or create new content to attract users from the Internet.

  1. local opinion leaders on social media

Use local opinion leaders on social media to attract customers. A social media influencer that your target customers are interested in can help attract customers to your store.

  1. Product Related Services Offer

Offer services related to your products, such as free service repairs or annual maintenance. This will give your customers a reason to come back.

  1. Customers Gifts Birthday

Don’t forget to congratulate and make your customers gifts birthday. This increases the loyalty of customers and makes them once again come to your store for their gift, and at the same time buy something.

  1. Follow the sale to the very end.

Contact your customers to find out if they are happy with your purchase, and use the opportunity to suggest related products that they might like.

  1. Launch the referral program.

Offer your clients a reward for each new client they recommend. Ask customers who first visited your store how they found out about you.

  1. Work with reviews.

For a local store, word of mouth is very important. With the development of the digital world, all reviews have moved to the Web.

Measure the results of your marketing efforts. Keep track of which of the above tactics works best, and keep using them.

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