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TOP 5 mistakes beginners make when making money in affiliate marketing

You don’t have to open your own company and launch a new website if your goal is to make money.

Many people know that you can use affiliate programs and earn a profit for cooperation with large projects. But such activities have their own subtleties that need to be taken into account.

In this article, we will look at the TOP 5 mistakes beginners make when making money in affiliate marketing. Many people know that our blog is monetized exclusively through affiliate programs.

In addition, you have some experience in traffic arbitration. Analyzing the activities of newcomers, you see the same shortcomings, and then there are reviews like “you can’t earn money on affiliate programs”.


Affiliate marketing is a profitable business

There should be no doubt that affiliate programs can generate a lot of income. Reports and statistics are constantly published online.

You can take a look at your earnings report and see how productive it is to collaborate with large ad platforms.


An interesting affiliate program that pays for attracting models and viewers.

The conditions are favorable, and we are best at finding people who want to earn extra money or visit adult sites. This is a simple example: real arbitrage gurus collect millions on affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing per million

Many beginners overestimate their knowledge and capabilities, this is the first mistake. They consider themselves experienced professionals, are ready to conduct long arguments, but they can not boast of a large income and continue to use hackneyed advertising materials.

Again, in order not to deviate from the main topic, we offer you some useful articles on the relevant topic:

  • affiliate sales without a website;
  • earn money on motivated traffic;
  • earn money on game offers;
  • creating mini projects to earn money on affiliate programs;
  • SRA business what is it and how to achieve success;
  • how much money can you earn on a CPA?;
  • it helps the statistics of affiliate programs.

It is not enough to consider yourself an expert, you need to constantly strive to improve your knowledge and skills.

There are a lot of people who want to work with affiliate programs, in fact, they are all intermediaries, and no one likes them. Learn to do everything correctly, build affiliate marketing step by step, without theory, as well as without practice, you can’t learn anything.

The main mistakes of beginners in affiliate marketing

One info businessman I know sold his affiliate marketing course and made a lot of money from it, but none of his followers were successful.

Obviously, the book was written solely for personal gain. But based on its statistics and popular questions, it was possible to collect the most popular mistakes of novice arbitrageurs:

  1. Choosing highly competitive niches

Starting with useful articles on the Internet, beginners immediately try to join the most profitable field. It’s like a novice boxer entering the ring against a champion.

You need to understand that where big money is spinning, large companies have long established a stable flow of traffic and it is quite problematic to poach people from them. These areas include:

  • the medicine;
  • construction;
  • cars;
  • Realty;
  • Forex trading;
  • business and Finance;

Instead of using cases from gurus, it is better to try to find your own traffic sources and, when testing, choose the best affiliate program for them.

One of my friends made a good start directing traffic from Odnoklassniki groups to movie sites (where subscriptions were sold). The topic is not new, but he bought ads in communities with a “secured” target audience.

  1. The use of multiple sources of traffic

On the one hand, it’s good when people are directed from several sites at once, but this makes it difficult to concentrate on the most important things and collect useful statistics.

Choose not a specific advertising network, but try to become a true professional in your field. For example, learn how to choose the YouTube channels that best convert traffic from.


It is impossible to understand everything well at the same time. When you focus on one thing, you begin to understand everything inside out.

It also helps you set your targeting settings correctly and determine the cost of advertising on a particular source. And when you understand one format, you can add others.

  1. Constant changes and research

All day long, beginners study affiliate marketing courses for free, conduct webinars, distribute books, and write articles.

You need to understand the theory, but you can’t do without practice. In parallel with the study of materials, arbitration should already be launched, even if with a modest start-up capital.

Here we also include another error – attempts to constantly change something so that the result is better. Working out your strategy is always good, but you can’t jump to conclusions.

By changing promos, affiliate programs, sources, and much more too often, you risk missing out on the very thin path that leads to success.

  1. Attempts to copy other partners

It’s funny when you see ad blocks that were used 2-3 years ago on the Internet.

Many beginners don’t even try to come up with something of their own, forgetting that the relevance of the promo is decreasing, traffic from some sources is getting more expensive, trends are changing, and so on. Just because it worked for someone doesn’t mean that it will bring you a good income.


How so, because many experienced arbitrageurs use other people’s ideas? This is true, but they are more cunning.

From one high-quality landing page, create 3-4 one-pages for other products, conduct their own research, add something, delete something. You can not be secondary, affiliate marketing requires constant updating.

  1. Testing the selected project

The most interesting thing is that newcomers often start companies and invest a lot of money in them, without even being convinced of their profitability.

According to statistics, more than 90% of offers in partner program aggregators will not work for you. How do you choose exactly what you need? Try to run as many tests as you can.

Also, don’t forget to contact technical support. Our managers have a lot of experience and can tell you what works best for your traffic source.

Real gurus never make guesses, they check how well the funnel works and only then decide whether to make a serious effort.

When complaining about a low income, first of all you need to try to find shortcomings in your work. If there are no mistakes, affiliate Internet marketing will definitely be profitable. Now you know where the rake is located and you can get around it.

The main mistake of 99% of new partners

Use any traffic sources, promo materials, test, analyze, and improve. You still won’t see a big profit if you choose a low-quality affiliate program.

In some cases, it is simply impossible to find many clients. Therefore, even with a high payment, it is better to refuse the offer.

Imagine that you get paid 10,000 rubles for each customer who buys a regular brick for 1,000 rubles. The conditions are favorable, but finding such a fool is really a problem.

As already mentioned, trends are constantly changing, so it’s best to look for interesting options just before launching a company. For several years of cooperation with large companies, we would recommend using these projects for affiliate marketing:

  • Bin Partner partner programpromises up to 70% Commission from binary options trading;
  • online store Skin ongives 35% of sales, it sells various fashion accessories;
  • for approved loan applications in Money Man, the partner receives 800 rubles each (the terms are periodically changed);
  • Forex Club broker’s affiliate program offers favorable conditions for earning money on financial traffic;
  • advertise online support services on Red Helper’s websites and earn substantial rewards;
  • this list must include the most popular aggregators of affiliate programs with hundreds of offers, such as Admit adand Action Pay;
  • for attracting clients to the online accounting service My Business, the company is ready to pay up to 400 rubles for each client.

Some of these options are even suitable for affiliate marketing through the social network Vkontakte. Although it is better to use more serious traffic sources, different teaser networks or contextual advertising.

Don’t be afraid to try working with different affiliate programs, they also need to be tested.

Traffic arbitrage, CPA affiliate programs, effective advertising, you will have to figure out a lot in order to make productive money.

Don’t make stupid mistakes, learn and develop. Otherwise, you will also have to complain on forums or wonder how professionals live on the money earned by affiliate

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