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Promotion on Amazon: how to effectively promote products within the platform

There are many e-commerce platforms in the CIS that allow users to sell products using internal functionality. An entrepreneur does not need to create and develop his own online store, to optimize and promote it in search engines. This is beneficial if your products are competitive.

If you look from the point of view of return on investment, it is more profitable to bring your products to Western markets. In the West, people are more willing to spend money online. The vast majority of American and European families buy goods in the proc. Therefore, there are a large number of wholesale stores located there and the ecommerce niche is generally developed.

The largest ecommerce platform in the world is Amazon. Its monthly traffic is more than 2.5 Million users. It captured the Google Tops for all ecommerce queries. 

In this article, I want to talk about the promotion of online stores (products) on Amazon. What are the features of working with this platform, how to design and optimize your store? I’ll share tips for external promotion and show you relevant link building techniques that will help you increase your awareness and attract a motivated target audience when promoting on Amazon.

Amazon promotion: the platform's exemplary search algorithm

If you think about how Amazon differs from its peers, the first thing that comes to mind is perfect search, which selects products as accurately as possible for queries.

Even Google recognizes the fact that the number of product search queries coming to Amazon is 3 times more than theirs. To achieve this result, Amazon specialists had to create and improve their own internal search engine for more than one year.

What is the Amazon search algorithm?

The same exemplary Amazon search algorithm was created by one of its subsidiaries. The result of huge financial investments was the A9 system. Its advantage is that A9 starts working long before the user enters their query in the string.

First of all, the system indexes all texts of internal online stores and their products, then analyzes the features and patterns of traffic. And, based on the data received, it creates a package of proposals for the buyer.


Result: perfectly thought-out hints in the search column when entering a query. A9 will help the site visitor not only decide on the purchase of the desired product, but also suggest a dozen fresh ideas for purchases.

In relation to the stores themselves, A9 works like this: it instantly connects customer requests with the most relevant products in the catalog. The algorithm relies on a single metric – revenue from the first click!

Based on this, the best way to generate sales is to focus on the SERP when generating organic search results.


Example: if a customer entered the query “gaming keyboard” and bought a product on the first page of the search results with a keyword in the title or description — the store rises in the rating. At the same time, products with the keywords “wireless keyboard”, “smart keyboard”, etc. “they stay where they are.

Conclusion: it is necessary to start promotion with careful collection of semantics and SEO optimization of all texts in the store.

Ps/ In September 2019, the Wall Street Journal (one of the most influential media outlets in the United States) reported that A9 was secretly modified in order to increase sales of products that bring Amazon the greatest profit, and not best meet user requests.

Internal optimization and improvement of the Amazon store

Search is the main way to find the desired products. Most potential buyers start searching directly on Amazon, bypassing Google. And this is not at all about users who come in to purchase a product purposefully. This is basically about consumers who like the possibility of purchasing in “one click checkout”.

The first thing you need to do is collect or complete a list of the most relevant keywords for your products.

But do not rush to enter them into your texts thoughtlessly. Amazon’s algorithms don’t rank well for products with spam my descriptions. Try to create concise text messages that will fully describe your product lines. What else to consider when creating a product card

  1. Don’t use more than one keyword in the title;
  2. Don’t include the competitor’s brand name in the description;
  3. Forget about giving false information;
  4. Don’t overuse keywords in your text;
  5. Do not put punctuation marks between keywords in the phrase;
  6. Don’t use keywords with typos, synonyms, or similar spellings.

Remember that the product card is primarily written for the buyer, and only then for the Amazon algorithm.

You can specify the selected semantics:

  1. In the product name;
  2. In the main theses on the first screen;
  3. In the detailed product description;
  4. In the image caption and in Alt image;
  5. In search terms (when editing the product description in the Seller Central column).
  6. In the product video title;
  7. In the graph of question and answer;
  8. In a review of the goods.

What data should be included in the product profile?

  1. Title;
  2. Current price (discount/special offer);
  3. A photo of the product from all sides;
  4. Video review of the product;
  5. Brief description of technical / physical features;
  6. Product description in the table;
  7. Detailed product description in text.

In other words, you should create a product card that covers the buyer’s interest as much as possible. This speeds up the decision-making process. And, realizing that B2C business works “on emotions” is a great way to convince the buyer of the reliability of your store and the quality of the product.

What else can help your store increase "emotional" sales?

  1. There are several well-established rules for making a product card that will encourage the buyer to make the right decision.
    1. The price should not end with “0”. The human brain is designed so that any number that does not end in “0”, we round up. For the user, the price of$ 299 seems more attractive than$300. Therefore, it is very difficult (almost impossible) to find the round price of an item on Amazon.
    2. Always indicate the amount of savings if there is a discount. If you have a promotion and you give a discount of even 5%, try to show it clearly. Be sure to write down the old price (legibly, even if it is crossed out) and do not forget to correctly arrange the Sale.
    3. Create an ” urgency “. Specify the period of validity of the promotion up to one minute, and the shorter the period, the more it will motivate the buyer to purchase.
    4. Increase the number of reviews on your product page. Preferably with a photo. How do I do this? Just offer your customers a bonus for a detailed response. This may be a discount. But it is better to have some product in addition. If this is a phone, then for example, give a charging cable, a case or a protective glass.
      It’s not very expensive, but a few dozen positive reviews about your store and products will increase your audience’s trust and influence your purchase decision. I think that most of us look at reviews before choosing a store or brand / model
    5. Create an artificial deficit. This method is similar to creating an urgent message. The idea is to show the buyer that the product at this price will end soon. This will significantly speed up the decision-making process.

How to promote products on Amazon using link building?

  1. We’ve dealt with internal optimization and improvements. Now let’s decide on a strategy for external promotion (outside the platform).When promoting a product on Amazon, it is not possible to analyse the link profile of competitors, since they do not have separate sites. In addition, store owners are not interested in building a link profile. But this does not mean that links are not needed. Here are some advantages of working with link building:
    1. Attract a motivated target audience to your product cards;
    2. Increase your store’s brand awareness;
    3. The credibility of the store from the user;
    4. Creating a positive tone around the brand.

    This all leads to sales in one way or another. What else do we need from the Amazon store?

    But how do we build a promotion strategy if our goal is not SEO indicators? When promoting a store under Amazon, you need to understand that our main goal is the buyer and their trust. Therefore, we enable the following methods.

Promotion on Amazon through crowd marketing

  1. One of the key ways to promote stores on Amazon. It completely covers all the tasks. Creating positive comments about your store/products on forums, Q&A sites, under thematic articles in blogs and in other communities is something that you should pay attention to first. For a B2C business, comments are simply irreplaceable.What should I consider?
    1. Choose the theme of discussion, and not thematic areas. Aren’t you interested in a motivated target audience?)
    2. Upgrade the author’s profile. Always fill out the author’s profile on the site, add all the necessary information, and wait at least 2 weeks before writing the first targeted comment.
    3. Post more than just posts with links. Don’t avoid neutral comments. We are not posting for the sake of a link.
    4. Write simply and informatively. Stick to a conversational style when writing posts.
    5. Use visualizations. A product photo or video will fit perfectly into the overall picture.

    And remember: you write for people. Try to be helpful. Identify the problems of the participants in the discussion and solve them with your comment.

How to promote products on Amazon using guest posts?

Today, there are a lot of blogs and online publications for which you can prepare useful materials about your products. At the same time, the direction of the store does not matter at all: whether it is cameras and office equipment or Teddy bears. You can publish a dozen useful articles.

What should I consider?

  1. Write in a simple, clear, and structured way.
  2. Format your text: break it up into small paragraphs, use bulleted lists, quotes, and bold text.
  3. Always explain complex things in simple language.
  4. Write from a specific person, not from a brand.
  5. Try to broadcast the text using screenshots/photos/video reviews.
  6. Back up what you’ve said with official sources.

I recommend that you don’t just describe your products and their benefits. Make a selection of life hacks using them and give us more ideas for their application.  Social profiles for promotion on Amazon

In the West, social networks are more popular than in the CIS countries. It sounds strange, but it really is. The average resident of the CIS (outside of specialized professions) uses 2-3 social networks every day. Instagram, Facebook or Vk, Tik Tok or Like are some of them. This is the maximum.

In Europe and America, there are also Linked in, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, and others. Can you imagine how many links you can put down?

What should I consider?

  1. Completed profile;
  2. Your account is more than two weeks old;
  3. There are posts in the feed.

It’s as simple as possible!

But if you are interested not only in links from social profiles, but also in other promotion, I recommend that you pay attention to our materials about Quora and Reddit.

Promotion on Amazon by outreach

Another method of link promotion of products on Amazon, which will allow you to get links on high-quality platforms with good traffic. This partly applies to the placement of guest materials.

The idea is to place your store/individual products in collections, articles, ratings, under videos, and wherever possible by communicating with the owner.

The scheme of operation is simple:

  1. Choosing the site where you would like to stay;
  2. We determine the most concise placement method;
  3. We are looking for contacts of the site owner or representative;
  4. We write him a letter with a request for placement (since the “link to link ” barter is not possible, you can offer money or goods);
  5. Making a deal;
  6. Profit.

Important. Don’t use work email for outreach. It may be blocked.

Igor Rudnick will tell you more about outreach:

Instead of conclusions

Every business needs an external promotion. And the final result depends only on how well the strategy is built.

On Amazon, there is fierce competition between stores. Sometimes the final decision of the buyer depends on a couple of small things. The main task is to make these little things work for you.

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