How to Make Money from Website via Affiliate Marketing

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Beyond the basics of building a website, building an audience, and promoting a single affiliate program, take a closer look at how you can not only earn your first dollar with affiliate marketing, but how you could build your own Internet empire.

Build Brandable Websites

It’s not all about the keywords. If you can include them, great

Brandable Domains

  • Generate marketing buzz
  • Help with word-to-mouth marketing
  • Are the third most trusted advertising source

Are built around words with mass appeal.

Use tools to help you generate ideas

  • Domain Bot
  • Domain Hacks

Create Unique Content

Unique Content

  • Helps search engines see your “QUALITY” when they make algorithm changes
  • Gives you a chance to clearly identify and develop your brand
  • Gives readers a reason to come back for more

Ways your Content can be UNIQUE:

Expertise: Yours is already unique. Leverage it.

Relationships: Leverage relationships with others in your niche to create
powerful content to benefit both of you.

Exclusive Offers: Do something that makes your company stand out.

You’re not selling “a” product, you’re selling “your” product.

  • Look at what other affiliates are doing, and come up with a way to
    make your offer better.
  • If it’s allowed by the terms of your affiliate program:
    ○ Include an extra bonus
    ○ Offer a discount

User Generated Content Creates Dialogue

Create an avenue for your users to talk back to you.

  • Allow readers to leave comments on your blog posts
  • Make it easy for readers to leave product reviews/testimonials
  • Ask permission to share them in your marketing efforts
  • Actively ask for content
    Blog post comments
    Social media shares
    Ask questions to spark Debate

Chipotle Mexican Grill’s “Wrap What You Love” Contest

  • Contestants were asked to wrap their favorite things in gold or silver foil to mimic the company’s business burritos and photograph the result
  • Contestants uploaded the photos to the company website or Facebook page
  • Winner received $10,000 for his photo of his four-day-old baby wrapped in gold foil

Honda’s “Super Civic Quest” Contest

  • Contestants received Facebook credits and Amazon MP3 downloads for solving clues to find a missing Mexican wrestler in a red Civic Coupe
  • Contestants got to see five new Civic models and the chance to win two new Civics, one for themselves, and one for a friend.

Kraft Foods “Real Women of Philadelphia” Contest

  • Asked women all over the country to create cooking videos and submit them to.
  • The winner received a $25,000 talent contract, the chance to star in their own series of cooking videos, and contribution to cookbook featuring community favorite cream cheese recipes.

Make Yourself Stand Out from the Crowd

Create a point of difference (POD) so you don’t blend in with all the other affiliates promoting the same products and services you are.

Figure out how your product is different in terms of

  • Price
  • Benefits
  • Convenience
  • Features
  • Availability
  • Customer Service


Craft your story


  • Why are you in business?
  • How do you do business?
  • Where do you do business?

Market your POD everywhere!

  • Business Cards
  • Your Website
  • Company Name and Tagline
  • Logo
  • Email Signature
  • Social Media Profiles

Use Multiple Methods to Diversify Your Monetization

Multiple affiliate programs
Create a broad source of information on a topic and use it to leverage multiple PM programs.

For Example: is a comprehensive source of information on cooking and recipes, and uses affiliate programs for:

  • Cooking Utensils
  • Ingredients

Sell advertising
Create a page dedicated to advertising space options.
Note your traffic volume and other reasons why people should advertise with you.
Give regular discounts to entice advertisers.
Keep it easy to maintain on your end with a WordPress plugin such as OIO
Publisher or WP 125.
Pitch advertisers directly
Note your traffic volume and other reasons why people should advertise
with you.

Give regular discounts to entice advertisers.

  • Find advertisers by using Adsense on your website for a few days.
  • Watch the ads that are displayed and where they come from
  • Contact those companies directly with an attractive offer

Reach out to merchants to become affiliates for them
Know of a product or service you’d love to promote, but don’t see an
affiliate program for them?

  • Talk to the merchant directly.
  • Offer information about your background and why you would make the perfect affiliate.
  • Negotiate a deal.

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