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How to launch and build a profitable ecommerce store in 15 minutes 2021

E-Commerce has been one of the fastest growing retail sectors. This may sound naive to anyone who has ever shopped online, but the size and speed of the boom is astounding.

The demand of the online market shows no signs of slowing down, so now might be the perfect time to start selling online.

If you want to start a business or want to be your own boss to make some money, The e-Commerce industry is perfect for you.

After many years of experience and knowledge in this game-changing industry, I finally realized that you don’t need to spend a year or more to set up your own store. It’s probably just a matter of minutes.

Following traditional methods and wasting my time creating a simply attractive store, I realized that I was doing everything wrong. Yes, experience is just the name we give to our mistakes.

E-Commerce is rapidly developing and becoming the best way to purchase products and services. According to e Marketer, 2017 was a great year, as ecommerce sales totaled $ 2.034 trillion. it is projected to reach $ 2021 trillion by 2020.

This is a force to consider in the business world. Want to know how to create a successful ecommerce website, then you’ve come to the right place. There are more opportunities to build an ecommerce site than ever before. In this post, we’ve covered how to create a profitable ecommerce store in 15 minutes. Let’s start here.

It's time to choose the perfect platform

The growth of the e-Commerce industry worldwide is significantly higher, and no evidence is needed that it will grow in the future.

If you want to enter this thriving and vibrant industry, you’ve come to the right page. Everyone wants to create a working, rocking and selling store. There are so many options, but choosing the perfect one can be a daunting task.

In this set of options, it is important to consider your requirements. Choose the one that meets all the needs of your online store.

Choosing the best platform is the most important task when creating a store, and I know how much this can affect your business. I can feel you guys. We have two options for creating an online store: either do it using coding, or choose the highway, in my opinion.

You can start from the beginning and code everything manually, but this requires solid experience with HTML, PHP, MySQL, and other programming languages. Mastering the code takes months, and using it to create a website can be difficult and time-consuming. To reduce the learning problem, you can invest in web design platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, WordPress, And many others.

Here, I share a detailed guide on how to create your own ecommerce store using various platforms. I will also mention the advantages of all these platforms. So select the best that you need for your store, and start receiving an income of one billion dollars.


Shopify doesn’t even give you the option to create an ecommerce store, but it also allows you to do drop shipping. So, if you don’t have the inventory or funds to open an ecommerce store, this is the perfect choice you should make.

Don’t just blink your eyes, Yes, you can do it. Drop shipping allows you to resell products from sites like Oberlo and Aliexpress just by creating an online store.

Great option right !!

It’s time to figure out how to create a store in a few minutes.

Create a Shopify account

Initially, we needed to get a server to upload an e-Commerce system to, and then hire a professional to set it up to meet the requirements and maintain it. This was expensive, time-consuming, and the end result was still a passive and incompetent store.

Thanks to the creative minds behind these platforms, Shopify and other platforms have made this whole tedious process easier. In a hurry, you can create your own ecommerce store in just a few ticks, and all the server settings and maintenance will be taken care of.

Just go to then click on the “Getting started” panel. Fill in the required fields and start creating your website. As a beginner, you can try the 14-day free trial.

You also have an option if you choose brick and mortar or want to choose an online store. So, for example, let’s create an e-Commerce store.

Don’t forget to specify the address and payment information, as they will be used to set up currencies and tax rates.

Configure your settings and add products

When you click on setup, various options will appear, such as “General”, “Payment”, “Settlement”, “Terms” , etc. Adjust them according to your business requirements and convenience.

When saving your settings, I recommend that you leave the delivery option free. You can set this default value in the settings. This will entice your customers, since you don’t charge anything for the delivery of the product.

It’s time to add products.

The add product page is easy to understand. You just need to get it right. Fill in all the details, such as the name, product description, price, seller (if you have one), and so on. Try adding something new and attractive.

Fortunately, if you choose dropshipping, Shopify lets you get started quickly to focus on generating the desired revenue.

Shopify provides an Oberlo option for drop shipping. It is built-in, you just need to add the product and finally agree on the price according to your desire. Bingo! With Shopify, you can get a taste of profit through drop shipping. Pexda is a reliable drop shipping tool that allows you to find reliable products for sale online.

Customize the appearance of your store

Go to the “customize your online store” option and add the logo as well as the desired colors that you want to add.

The icing on the cake is that there are a lot of theme options available in the theme store. Choose the one that justifies your business goals and adds stars to your site.

Set up a domain

Did you know that Shopify doesn’t need to add or buy a domain?

That sounds great! Correctly.

Just a suggestion that if you want to create a professional store, you should add your own domain. But if you still don’t have a domain, you can go with Shopify. You are just one step away from making your dream come true. Click on the place where you are prompted to add a domain in the control panel. It will then ask you if you want to add an existing one or register a new one.

Activate the payment method

You can choose from a variety of payment methods at Shopify. This dashboard payment option allows you to choose from dozens of payment methods such as Paypal, Shopify also has its own payment process which is the easiest to implement.

This is not rocket science, just follow the steps one by one to activate the required payment systems. This allows you to accept payments and post them to your account.

You are now ready to launch your store live.

Hurrah! You can enjoy a working source of income.

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