affiliate marketing tips
affiliate marketing tips
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Affiliate Marketing Tips to Promote Affiliate Products


1. Seasonal Content and Promotions:

Keep up with holidays and what’s happening year-round. Offer timely content and promotions on a regular basis

2. Coupons:

Coupon codes are a great way to draw in new customers. Get promo codes from the product owner

3. Free Samples and Trials:

Let potential buyers experience and taste the product before buying. Free samples and trials tend to always be winners

4. Live Teleseminars/Webinars:

Schedule content-rich events that promote your affiliate products

5. Audio Recordings:

Whether it’s an interview or just content-rich recordings, create audios and give them away free

6. Videos:

Create a variety of types of videos from interviews, to instructional, screen capture videos and product walkthroughs.

7. Interviews:

Interview the product owner/creator. Get the owner of the product to provide useful content and answers to the common questions about the product

8. Product Reviews:

Create product reviews with product specifications, quotes from customers and more

9. Special Reports:

Take content a bit further and create short special reports that you give away free. Brand your document with your affiliate link

10. Blog Posts:

Along the same lines as an article, a blog post can be a bit more personal and friendly in nature

11. Articles:

Targeted articles that include your product as part of the solutions to a problem can be very effective for sales

12. Twitter Tweets:

Everyone’s tweeting these days. Give a little blurb promotion(up to 140 characters, with spaces). Remember, to leave room for you affiliate link too.1. Hint: Use the headline from the sales letter

13. Long Text/Email Solo Ads:

Direct response emails create some of the best sales and opt in conversion rates. So send emails to your list and consider doing solo emails via

14. Pay-Per-Click Ads:

Leverage Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Facebook Mobile Ads as well as other Mobile Ad Networks like AdMob

15. Short Text Ads:

Provide short text blurbs in email and blog content
16. Banners and Graphics: Use a variety of sizes for your best converting affiliate offers. Also, help your readers by updating the graphics seasonally or for specific promotions automatically

17. Landing Pages for Different Audiences:

Target your affiliate landing pages as much as possible

18. Inline Text Links to Products and Specific Pages:

Make it easier for your readers of html emails and blogs click directly to your affiliate offers

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