amazon affiliate marketing
amazon affiliate marketing
Amazon Affiliate

Affiliate marketing and how we make money with A.M and CPA

Affiliate marketing is easy concept to learn. But it can be bit overwhelming.

What is affiliate marketing?

amazon affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing when you try to earn money by placing an affiliate link on your amazon affiliate website, free blogs, YouTube channel and have people purchase a product through your link.

Who is an affiliate?

amazon affiliate marketing

An affiliate is a person of business to promote a product or service offered by other businesses and you become an affiliate and you promote affiliate product. An example would be amazon book sales. You link to a specific book on your amazon affiliate website and try to get people to purchase the book through your affiliate link. Amazon and other companies want quality affiliates to get their product more faster to customers. If you get someone to sign up through your affiliate link, you are rewarded for each sale that goes through your affiliate link. This is known as conversion.

What is conversion?

amazon affiliate marketing

A person (your lead) completes specific action designated by the affiliate program. It may be when someone enters their email address on a company’s website when they make a purchase and some action through your affiliate link.

Affiliate link can be shared in different ways. By adding an affiliate link to your amazon affiliate site (post, page). Promoting it on social media, YouTube. Post is in a pod cast webinar or more.

Why would a company be interested in affiliate marketing?

amazon affiliate marketing

Companies like affiliate marketing because it can be great way to promote their products. And they will have to pay commission if there is a conversion.  Many companies like this option because often they pay a lot of money on advertisements that don’t convert well. With affiliate marketing they only pay when they got a sale or lead. This is great for online influencers. For online influencers affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money. Affiliate income is great because a post will earn you money years down the line.

There is a few easy steps to get started with affiliate marketing.

  • Find an affiliate product or service to promote.
  • Sign up and get approved for the product’s affiliate program.
  • Insert your link on your amazon affiliate site, free blogs, YouTube.
  • Receive commissions for the conversion you make.

How affiliate link works?

amazon affiliate marketing

Someone clicks on your referral link (specific URL created for you or a coupon code) you received from an affiliate program and complete a certain action (buy the product). You get your commissions once they buy the product through your link.

Your referrals are tracked through your URL, this contains a code that tracks where the referral came from.  Once someone clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie is placed to keep of their purchases through your affiliate link. The cookie stores your affiliate ID, customer’s IP and the day when they clicked on your affiliate link are stored in cookie.  Clicks and conversion will be tracked through the cookie. Affiliate click or conversion can also be tracked through a coupon code that maybe given to you by an affiliate program. For example, have you seen YouTuber’s sometimes make 10 to 30 seconds part of their video dedicate to their sponsers and tell you to buy their sponsers offer with 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% discount by using their own coupon code. They make money when you use their coupons. This way the affiliate program can still track a sale coming from.

What is considered a conversion?

amazon affiliate marketing

The action that determines whether a conversion is taken place depends on the specific affiliate program, usually it is when someone purchases something through your link or sign up through your link.

How long does an affiliate code tracked?

amazon affiliate marketing

All the affiliate programs have different timelines for when the customer needs to complete the action. It ranges from 24 hours to lifetime cookies. Longer timeframes are good because sometimes a customer doesn’t purchase a product, he/she needs some reflection time. But you still will receive your commission once he/she does decide to buy the product, as long as the customer complete this action within the timeframe of an affiliate’s cookie. It doesn’t mean that a shorter timeframe is bad thing, because some products convert really badly. Sometimes you’d make money with shorter timeframe affiliate program products because they convert really good like in amazon affiliate program. Amazon gives only 24 hours cookie timeframe, but everyone loves products on amazon, they convert well.

Why affiliate marketing is great?

amazon affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is great for many reasons.

  • It is passive income.
  • Less work than creating your own product. Affiliate marketing isn’t easy but you don’t have to worry about when comparing affiliate marketing verses your own product. You don’t have to ship anything, creating product, handle cancelations, manage customer support service and more. Your problem is to find traffic to your amazon affiliate site that problem will solved with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • The affordability of affiliate marketing is a great way to grow your income. You don’t need to create a product. You don’t even need a website, you can use free blogs like, or YouTube. Building an amazon affiliate site isn’t costly either, it is good to a website to promote products.
  • Getting paid for promoting products you believe in. Why not get paid for telling others about products that you love. If you truly enjoy product, it will be easy for you to promote. You will already know everything about the product and you will have no problem. If the product has helped you it will probably helped other as well. And people will appreciate your ownest review.
  • There are so many different product, services and companies to promote. These are the products that you can promote.
    • Financial companies.
    • Smart phone apps.
    • Online products, such as online courses, ebooks.
    • Travel booking websites.
    • Millions of items on Amazon.
    • Blog related products, such as website, design, hosting.
    • Home décor.
    • Craft items.
    • Outdoor gear such as bicycles, tents, backpacks.
  • You can work from anywhere. One of the best benefit of affiliate marketing is that you can do this from anywhere with laptop and internet, that’s all you need.

Affiliate marketing and CPA

amazon affiliate marketing

You can make money with affiliate marketing and CPA (cost per action) by promoting other people’s product. If you make a sale for them by bringing in the buyer through your referral link, you get a part of the profit, 5%-95% of the product price.

But first you need to join affiliate marketing program on amazon. Find a product to promote and promote this product through content marketing and this content could be articles and YouTube videos.

  • Write an article on your website or blog on a topic that the product is about, leave a few referral links on that article which will lead people to buy the product. Once people buy the product, you get your cut from the sale.
  • You could also promote the product by creating YouTube videos, leave your referral link in the description.


amazon affiliate marketing

The cheapest (in fact, it will be free) and the most effective way to promote a product is through SEO. SEO will be our main traffic driver to our affiliate and CPA (cost per action) offers. To become ranking high on Google means the first thing people will see searching the answer they are looking for is your articles and videos, that will convert them into buyers.

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